TalentCater Consulting

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What we Offer?

We provide customized human resources solutions, inclusive of human resources diagnosis, organizational design, talent acquisition, performance management, career development and etc. for business to archive their strategic goals.

Human Resources Management Diagnosis and Consulting

Based on the thorough analysis on the company management status as well as the understanding of industry trends, TalentCater will provide the most appropriate solution with the consideration on market analysis and actual enterprise situation.

Talent Acquisition

TalentCater strives to select excellent and best qualified talent for customers. It is our company first and foremost objective to provide superior, professional and precise service to customers through enriched resources of nextwork, strong talent database and processes with innovation. And build a mutual communication platform between customers and talents, so as to help customers establish an optimal team

Employee Training

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Build Harmonious Labor Relations

By analyzing internal communication issues, especially the barrier between decision and execution, TalentCater can help to establish fair, impartial and transparent management system so as to help business attain harmonious and positive employee relations.

Business Process Optimization and Internal Control

By evaluating internal control and risk management on business processes, identifying invalid, insufficient and redundant controls, defining key control points and separation of duties, TalentCater will help customers to set up systematic internal control environment, establish supervision system and standardize risk management system. TalentCater could also facilitate implementations to ensure operational efficiency.

Information Exchange

In order to tackle changing business environment and new regulations, to help customers solve complex business problems in daily operations and to improve business performance, TalentCater provides an extended platform to support clients on information transformation, knowledge sharing and etc.. We believe it will help customer to obtain the optimal experience as well as to minimize risk. We hope to bring valuable experience to customer and become the partner of learning and development.

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